What To Prepare Before Meeting Doctor

Medical History taking is an art of medicine. It helps solve a lot of mysteries for our body.

Irrespective of age group, you will be asked to elaborate on your medical concerns / symptoms. It is always a good habit to write about your symptoms before arriving. List down your problems. We may also ask on your past history or family history of gynecology disease, history of chronic disease such as diabetes, diabetes in pregnancy, thyroid disease, blood pressure issues, rheumatic disease, age of menopause across family members, early menopause, history of cancer, fibroids etc.

If you had tests or treatment carried out elsewhere, try to bring those details with you, organized as per dates.

Whether you are coming for your pregnancy care, gynecology check up, or for infertility treatment, at New Delhi, following are some of the lists that you can prepare, and be ready for your appointment to get the most from our consultation :

  • Current medical issue: List your current medical issues. Prioritize them in order of importance.
  • Describe well about symptoms: Write an adequate description of your symptoms. Example: Description on your menstrual status and regularity, description of pain, such as pain below umbilicus that radiates to groin, pain followed by vomiting, pain while passing urine or intercource etc.)
  • Past medical history: Bring your key medical information – such as diabetes, thyroid, past hormone problems, any history of surgery in past
  • Current medicines: List your current medicines- that should include prescribed medicine, or over the counter medicines such as vitamins, herbs, ayurvedic preparation, or any other so called supplements that you may be on.
  • Habituation if any: Please disclose if you take any substance such as alcohol, drugs, cannabis, nicotine, smoke. They may have a bearing on your health.
  • Past side effects: List and narrate if you had any side effects in past to any of your gynecology, infertility , obstetrics, or pregnancy care treatment medication.
  • Advantage and disadvantage of treatment: While pros and cons of every treatment plan will be discussed with you, you must feel free to ask more details and if required re-clarify on the advantage and disadvantage of treatment plan designed for you.
  • Finance discussion: List out your finance related questions. Don’t hesitate to freely discuss on finances related to any procedures or surgery. There may be different rates of the same procedure or surgery depending on the facility you choose. Ask us if any of our associated hospitals where we do surgery or birthing procedure, or infertility care, cover for your insurance and if any pre-admission paper work is needed.


Importantly, as per Dr. Meenakshi T Sahu, You should feel free to repeat your questions to our team at the office wherever you need clarity. We respect your PRIVACY.