What To Expect In Infertility Care

We understand that if you are navigating through our website, you are seeking for a first opinion, second opinion, or follow up visit for yourself or for someone close to you who is trying for conception and family expansion.

Our fertility expert team consists of Gynecologists, Reproductive Endocrinologist, Embryologist who work and discuss in totality about each individual’s uniqueness.

Under guidance and leadership of Dr. Meenakshi T Sahu, our first focus is on consultation. The initial focus will be on CONSULTATION , trying to understand on the various aspects of reproduction and its uniqueness in YOU.

An in-depth question answer consulting session will be done in which questions will be asked to understand your body physiology. Questions such as about your medical history, menstrual history, menstrual irregularity, diabetes, thyroid disease and fertility issues etc. If required, you may be referred to our Reproductive Endocrinologist at Delhi, who may further assess on hormonal aspects of fertilization such as metabolism, diabetes, thyroid, thyroid antibody, prolactin hormone and its effect on conception and pregnancy.

Your fertility treatment plan will be decided based on your consultation, physical examination, ultrasound and as per need advanced procedures such as laparoscopy for assessment of fallopian tubes, hysteroscopy, hysterosalpingography (HSG), or endometrium biopsy.

Depending on your past medical history and investigations, the following list of tests may be done for couples seeking our assistance:

  • Blood tests to find your ovulation pattern.
  • Hormone profile preferably between day 2 – day 4 of your period to understand for any hormone disturbance, such as LH, FSH, TSH, Thyroid Hormone, AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone)
  • Follicle monitoring – by ultrasound , which is an important monitoring tool will be done under guidance of Dr Meenakshi
  • Laparoscopy – this is a procedure that we conduct at our allied associated hospital at South Delhi in which we try to diagnose for any tubal tube blockage.
  • Hysteroscopy – this is a procedure which can be done in an office setting, in which a telescope with a camera is used to view your uterus and find whether you have any fibroid or polyp that may lead to pregnancy problems.
  • Hysterosalpingography
  • Endometrium biopsy
  • Semen analysis in men
  • Ultrasound scrotum to look for varicocele in men
  • Hormonal profile for men to understand for infertility causes in male.

Not every one will need advanced procedures. Sometimes it may be a very small factor that may have been overlooked in the past during the overzealous diagnostic or therapeutic plan for your infertility.

While our goal is to identify and medically correct factors for your infertility and assist towards natural conception, or conception with the aid of IUI, IVF, Embryo transfer , but as needed you will also receive consultation related to Surrogacy, Egg Donor assistance etc.

Lastly, we truly believe that any infertile couple need a comprehensive sympathetic approach, and most may achieve fertility with identification and correction of simple medical factors. Where advanced procedures are needed, for unexplained infertility, we believe in our team approach with various labs, making sure on the precision of YOUR laboratory reported data, assistance from our reproductive endocrinologist, and embryologist, under overall guidance and obstetrics and gynecology monitoring by Dr. Meenakshi T Sahu.