Vagina Health Clinic

Vagina Clinic or vaigna care at Delhi ? Sounds weird...sounds odd..!

Well, the fact is vaginal health is an important aspect through out life. It is not just important for  female sexual health, but a very important tract to facilitate child birth. Vaginal health can impact many other aspects of female health such as pregnancy, child birth, fertility, infertility, sexual experience.

Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu, one of the best gynecologist at India,  has surgically corrected for many of her national and international patients who presented with symptomatic lax vagina, or loose vagina.
Dr. Sahu regularly caters to patients at Delhi, with common medical issues such as vaginal infection, vaginal discharge, dyspareunia, vaginal pain, dry vagina, or vaginal bleeding.

Many a times during work up for other gynecological symptoms, or infertility evaluation she has found that vaginal health has not been adequately dealt with. Many a times picking up simple diagnosis regarding vaginal ill health, something that may have been overlooked by both patient and doctor in the past, and taking care of vaginal health medically may be the most important part of treatment for the patient.

Rememeber, it is the vagina that connects the external world environment with your internal female structures. As part of clinical work, Dr. Sahu at Delhi,  has come across many patients with disturbance in vaginal health that impacted health of cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, which in turn had impacted various aspects of female health including pregnancy, fertility, infertility.