Vaginal Tightening

Vagina tightening surgery at India, or also called Vaginoplasty is conducted by Dr. Meenakshi T Sahu, gynecologist practicing at South Delhi, for selective cases after careful review of clinical problems.

What is vagina ? What is function of vagina ?

Vagina is an elastic canal that connects uterus to the outside world. It is an important tract to facilitate childbirth. During childbirth the vaginal wall stretches many times of its natural size. Vagina also plays a very important part in female sexual function. During sexual arousal the vagina walls lubricate to help reduce friction during natural penetration process. The outer part of vagina contain concentration of nerve endings to provide pleasure sensations during the process of intercourse. With support from pelvic muscles, the elastic walls of vagina contract to accommodate male sexual organ, thereby contributing to rhythmic contractions of vaginal muscular tone leading to both male and female sexual pleasure, ejaculation and orgasm.

Changes to vagina after child birth ? Lax vagina ? Loose Vagina ?

During childbirth, the vagina expands to accommodate to the size of baby. Some child birth process may be prolonged and difficult and in few (that means not in all), there may be some damage to pelvic floor muscle that support vagina. All together taken, injury to vagina, or pelvic floor, may lead to increase diameter of vagina, and ability to contract during sexual contact. It leads to what some also call as "lax vagina" or “loose vagina”.

Can Vagina be tightened ? Vaginoplasty ?

There are surgical procedures which can help tighten the mucles of vagina. The ‘vaginal tightening surgery’ is also called as ‘vaginoplasty’. This procedure is done under general anesthesia where the muscle around vagina is pulled tight and sutured. The intention is to create a narrower vagina by tightening of inner and outer vaginal structure. The background thought is the tigher and narrower vagina may lead to enhanced sexual gratification. Additionally, in cases of urine incontinence post childbirth, some women narrate on the improvement of urine incontinence symptoms post vaginal tightening surgery.

Is vaginal tightening surgery good or bad ?

It is important to remember that vaginoplasty is not an aesthetic procedure despite the marketing terms that can be found over web such “designer vagina”, “G-spot amplification” etc. It is a functional procedure aimed to tighten the structure of vagina, and thereby its functional contractile tone. One should be aware about the risks of surgery as well, such as risk of infection, blood loss, bruising etc. An overtightening of vagina, tissue adhesions are also some additional risks. The therapeutic efficacy and established medical safety and risks will be discussed with you. You should be aware that some professional medical organizations do not scientifically endorse this procedure.

Who should choose , go or not go for vaginoplasty ?

Do not go for this surgery immediately after child birth. Allow time for yourself to heal. Many a times Dr. Sahu, gets patients at her Delhi Clinic, who come within one to two years of child birth for specifically discussing on this surgery. Dr. Sahu strongly encourages such patients more time to observe and only come back when some of the alternative therapies don’t work and symptoms are really bothersome. Dr. Sahu prefers to perform this procedure at her affiliated hospitals at Delhi, very professionally in a ‘all-women-staff’ environment. All pros and cons will be explained to you for this procedure. We have observed that patients who choose to go for this procudure are those who for the past many years have observed their vagina get gradually loose and thus not able to feel their partner inside beginning to affecting their relationship. Some patients identify such onset of symptoms after a difficult child birth.

Vaginoplasty alternatives ? Natural treatment for vagina tightening ? Exercise for vagina tightening ?

As part of our professional cadre and style, and as applicable to all the procedures that Dr. Sahu performs at Delhi, she encourages trial of non surgical means before finally choosing to go for surgery. There are certain pelvic floor exercises that we recommend and teach patients to do. Where needed our Yoga instructor will teach you on how to correctly do the pelvic floor exercises for better results. There are also some creams that have been marketed and the way they work is related to their ability to stimulate and irritate the vaginal walls thereby leading to contraction.

Our advise after vaginoplasty surgery at Delhi:

  • Take antibiotics and medicine as prescribed to you.
  • Follow general sanitary advise as was told to you by our team.
  • You can move around at home, but try to avoid your routine work for 3 to 5 days.
  • For 1 month avoid heavy activities and strenous exercises
  • For 6 weeks refrain from sexual intercourse.
  • Specific medical advises will be given at the time of your discharge from the hospital.

Dr. Meenakshi   T. Sahu will like to have a post operative assesment at Delhi,   1 week after surgery to make sure that your progress and recovery is good.