Ovary Cyst Surgery

As part of our Gynecology surgery for ovarian cysts that we perform at Delhi, we generally conduct laparoscopic route for removal of the cyst. Depending on age of patient,  marital and family completion status, and size of cyst,  we will discuss with you on the operative nature and whether we will be doing only a cyst removal or removal of one or both ovary along with cyst.

A cyst in the ovary may be a common occurrence in females, but the actual need of surgery is not so common. So to avoid any unnecessary surgery, do remember to talk to your family gynecologist or take our second opinion, about whether your ovarian cyst actually needs a surgery, whether alternative treatment can be offered, whether the cysts can be safely monitored and observed..!

Laparoscopic surgery for removal of ovary cyst is done at our affiliated hospitals. As part of this procedure the remainder of ovary is attempted to be preserved and only the cyst is removed. It is also called as ovarian cystectomy. Ovary preservation can usually be done if the cyst is not large enough.

In menopausal or perimenopausal women, it may be prudent to remove the entire ovary, especially if there is concern that cyst may be cancerous. The  laparoscopic removal of ovary cyst surgery generally takes 1-2 hours, and unless there are any other medical indications, the average duration of hospital stay is short for 1-2 days. Patients can return to normal activity within two days. We ask our patients to avoid strenuous activities for 2 weeks post surgery.