Hysterectomy...oh my god..! why..? why cant we do something to save the uterus ?
While catering to many patients who are referred to us for hysterectomy at Delhi (surgical removal of uterus), that’s the question that everyone asks...cant the uterus be saved ?

We are with you on that question. Remember there are certain conditions that needs urgent removal of uterus to be done. But also remember that hysterectomy is one of the option. Therefore we do discuss with you on your other medical options that can be succesfully tried and avoid a hysterectomy.

When is a hysterectomy needed ?

We perform hysterectomy at Delhi for the following conditions:

  • Cancers: cancer of cervix, cancer of uterus
  • Fibroids: if fibroids are too large and they cause abnormal bleeding
  • Abnormal bleeding: If too much of excessive bleeding that does not improve on medications
  • Prolapse: when the uterus falls down hanging through the vagina

As a norm Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu tries her best efforts to manage without the necessity of hysterectomy. She believes in the philosophy of saving uterus for any gynecology disorders. Unfortunately there are some distressing symptoms or indications in which the only procedure to maintain a good quality of life may be hysterectomy. She suggests hysterectomy on a case to case basis as a last resort.

How is hysterectomy done ?

Our choice of procedure depends on various clinical attributes of the patient. We peform surgical removal of uterus at Delhi by one of the following kinds:

  • Vaginal hysterectomy
  • Laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • Abdominal hysterectomy

Will there be removal of ovary along with uterus ?

The decision to preserve or removal of ovary depends on various medical factors, your age, whethere you have attained menopause or not, and the reason for which the hysterectomy is considered. All these issues will be thoroughly discussed with you during the pre operative -before operation consultation.

In majority of before menopausal patients we do not remove the ovaries while doing the hysterectomy. There are set of international guidelines that we recommend and try follow in all cases while choosing to remove or spare ovaries. The entire surgical technique, pros and cons of each type of surgery and whether it is important to spare cervix or ovaries will be discussed in detail with you at our clinics at Delhi.