Dilatation And Curretage

Dilatation and Curettage, also called as D&C, is a procedure that we perform at Delhi. D&C is a brief procedure, in which cervix is dilated and with a special instrument the uterine lining is scraped, or curettage, or a suction procedure may be done. Thus the terminology - "dilatation" and "curettage".

Some of the reasons as to why Dr. Meenakshi and the gynecology team may suggest you to undergo for D&C at her clinics at Delhi, are for either diagnosis or treating some conditions.
Conditions where D&C may be done:

  • Conditions of excessive irregular bleeding: In this D&C allows removal of the uterine lining, which can then be examined by pathologist to understand cause of bleeding
  • To remove small pieces of products of pregnancy , also called as products of conception. So if incomplete abortion, or after miscarriage or after some cases of natural normal delivery, if there are products of pregnancy such as fetal or placental tissue that have not been completely expelled. If such tissues are left behind they are causes of bleeding and infection, and thus needs to be removed by D&C.

Sometimes D&C procedure can be combined with hysteroscopy for visualization inside uterus cavity and at the same time doing the suction or curettage procedure.