Recurrent Abortions

Pregnancy loss that too if repeated, also called recurrent abortion or recurrent miscariage, is the most emotionally traumatic experience for ladies.

Dr. Meenakshi, Fertility Specialist, therefore stresses upon the fact that if one has any miscarriage ever in their life, should be thoroughly evaluated for the reasons.

Some of the causes for repeated miscarriage are: genetic problems in the fetus, if the uterus shape is abnormal to hold the growing baby, hormone problems in the mother such as diabetes, thyroid, cortisol issues etc.

Majority of cases that Dr. Sahu attends to at Delhi, who had experiened recurrent miscarriage or repeated abortions are able to conceive naturally and have a succesful baby delivery.

Apart from correction of medical factors that Dr. Meenakshi identifies, she also emphasizes holistic care to prevent again any miscarriage - in the form of diet, exercise, avoiding caffeine, cigarates and alchohol, and certain Yoga instructions in collaboration with our Yoga expert.

Remember having a miscarriage or a recurrent miscarriage, does not mean that you can not have a baby. As noted, majority of recurrent miscarriage cases that Dr. Sahu attends to at Delhi, have been treated for their fertility with succesful outcome.