Normal Delivery

Normal delivery at Delhi is our goal. During the era where Caesarian section has dramatically increased at many cities, we take pride to state that we encourage normal vaginal delivery at Delhi in majority of cases.

What is normal delivery ?

In normal delivery, the baby comes out through vaginal canal. Most women give birth at around 38-41 weeks. What exactly is the time of delivery and whether a normal delivery should or should not be tried depends on a lot of pregnancy , baby, placenta factors.

Where do we conduct natural delivery at Delhi ?

Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu will personally supervise and help you through the process of natural delivery at Delhi. She and her team has tie ups with hospitals at multiple locations at Delhi, - specifically South Delhi- Greater Kailash Part 1 (GK 1), Greater Kailash Part 2 (GK2), Green Park, SDA, Anand Niketan. Her affiliation where she conducts normal delivery are at FORTIS Hospital, SAMA Hospital, ADIVA Hospital, PHOENIX Hospital. We will be discussing about facilities available at each of our affilated hospitals, so that you can take an informed choice about the location of birthing and delivery, that is convenient to YOU !

Painless delivery at Delhi ?

Now a days lot of patients ask us for means of decreasing pain during delivery. While we do offer various treatment modalities that can decrease pain, but Dr. Meenakshi does not encourage heavy dose of any medication that can lead to dramatic reduction of pain. Some pain is important for the ability to push the baby. While some treatments can reduce pain, but it also come at the expense of side effects, which will be discussed with you, and effects will be monitored by our obstetrics and anesthesia team.

We commonly use epidural block, in which a pain medication may be injected near your spinal cord. It is given in small quantities, decreases pain and allows the normal continuation of delivery. Our anesthetist will carefully select the dose, as too much of medication though can decrease pain but also may limit the ability to push the baby during active stage of labour.

We will also discuss on hypnobirthing techniques that can be uses for easing out pain during vaginal delivery.

Care after vaginal delivery ?

After vaginal delivery, there are multiple aspects that you have to deal with - physically and emotionally.
Immediately after delivery, the vaginal area and perineum is cleansed, with care of stitches if perineum was cut (episeotomy) during process of labor.
For some days there may be some vaginal discharge.
You may like to call us, if you have any of the following symptoms such as – foul smelling discharge or
bleeding form vagina, fever, new onset abdominal pain, or if sever post partum depression or anxiety.