Ectopic Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, Dr. Meenakshi truly wishes for her patients,  that may it be a normal pregnancy.

Sometimes, due to some known or unknown reasons, a pregnancy  happens but is located outside the uterus in a wrong place. When the egg from female joins the sperm they form an embryo. This embryo normally gets attached to uterine lining. In some instances the embryo attaches inside the fallopian tube, and is one of the common site for ectopic pregnancy. The pregnancy inside the fallopian tube is also called as tubal pregnancy.

If the growing embryo  is inside the tube, it can not  grow and form a baby. When the embryo grows inside the tubes it can cause pain and bleeding. In some cases Dr. Meenakshi had to operate and remove the embryo as well as the tubes in some situations to save life of the mother.

Some of the risks that can cause ectopic pregnancy are if you are a smoker, if you had an ectopic pregnancy before, damaged fallopian tubes due to any past infection or surgery etc.

Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu, one of the leading gynecologist at Delhi, manages majority of ectopic pregnancy by medicine and careful observation. It is only in rare circumstances where she has to intervene to save any life threatening condition to the mother.