Diabetes In Pregnancy

Detected to have sugar during pregnancy ? Relax. Don’t get the scare by reading various web sites on complications of diabetes during pregnancy.

Our team of Gynecologist at Delhi, along with Endocrinologist at Delhi are there to care for your diabetes through out your pregnancy.

While it is correct that diabetes can produce complications during pregnancy, but remember that by right monitoring and careful control of sugar the risk of complications is reduced.

Having sugar during pregnancy does not mean that one has to be on medicine through out their life. Our dietician who collaborate with us, will help you understand the right kind of diet. Our Endocrinologist will help you choose a medicine that will not only control your sugar but is also considered safe for pregnancy.

Where Insulin is needed, one needs to prevent recurrent episodes of low sugar (hypoglycemia). Our Endocrinologist team will be training you on the appropriate care of diabetes during pregnancy.