Cord Around Neck

When one has an ultrasound during pregnancy, sometimes the radiologist finds loop of cord around neck of the baby.

During pregnancy the  child is connected to the mother via the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is a rope kind of structure that carries oxygen and nutrition from mother to the baby. Sometimes this umbilical cord forms a loop around the neck of the growing baby.

Usually in our practice we have found that having a cord around the neck does not cause any problem in continuation of the pregnancy.

During the process of natural delivery, we can many a times check for the loop around the neck of baby, and because they are loose around the neck they can be easily taken over the head of the baby to release any compression. Sometimes during the process of delivery, the umbilical cord may get compressed and result in decreased blood and oxygen supply to the baby. This event can cause unnecessary stress to the baby, and has to intervened in the form of Caesarean section for timely delivery of the baby.

The need of a C- section depends on  various factors such as, decrease in fetal heart, number of loop around the neck of baby,  the volume of amniotic fluid etc.  Dr. Meenakshi , obstetrician at Delhi, will discuss about these factors and help decide on elective caesarean or wait for normal vaginal delivery.

If you have been diagnosed with cord around neck of the baby, we will be happy to take care of  your high risk precious pregnancy.

We understand the emotional turmoil of parents when one is diagnosed with cord around the neck of baby.  Don’t let this diagnosis increase any stress to you.  In majority of cases of cord around neck, that Dr. Meenakshi has catered to , they had succesful normal delivery with careful monitoring.