Caesarean Delivery

What is Caesarian section ?

Caesarian section (also called as Caesarian delivery, or C section) is the delivery of baby by surgical route. In this procedure a cut (incision) is made in the mother’s abdomen and uterus (tomb).

Is Caesarian section at Delhi Gyne conducted ?

Yes, we conduct Caesarian section where indicated. Dr. Sahu believes in giving a fair trial of natural process before deciding on C-section. For some instances a Ceasaren delivery is preplanned.

When is a Cesarean section pre planned ?

At Delhi Gyne, we follow a set of guidelines before deciding about C-section. Dr. Meenakshi Sahu may advise Cesarean section, after a careful review of your clinical situation, in one of the following condition:

  • The baby is not coming out of head first (breach delivery)
  • Previous delivery was by caesarean route (especially if the previous cut in the abdomen was from up to down rather than side to side while the cesarean section was done)
  • Baby is very large (macrosomia)
  • If there are twins
  • A condition called as “placenta previa”. In this the placenta is close to cervix and during delivery the placenta may block the vagina, and thus the baby may not be able to come out naturally.
  • The trial of labour is not progressing well.

Can I go for Cesarean section, as I fear natural delivery ?

Dr. Meenakshi typically encourages a fair trial of natural process of delivery. There are many advantages of natural delivery as opposed to Cesarean delivery. Thus, if there are no specific indication for Cesarean delivery, we suggest to go for trial of natural delivery. Now a days many pregnant ladies come to Dr. Sahu with a date for cesarean section. Even in those conditions, she suggests for a trial of natural delivery as opposed to any routine Caesarean delivery. All pros and cons, advantage and disadvantage of natural vaginal delivery vs. cesarean delivery will be discussed with you in detail.