Bleeding During Pregnancy

Having spotting during pregnancy ? Bleeding during early pregnancy ?

Dr. Meenakshi says that most of the times bleeding during pregnancy does not pose any problem towards the baby or continuation of healthy pregnancy. However, occasionally the spotting during pregnancy can be a sign of some underlying medical problems that needs special medical attention and appropriate treatment.

Some of the causes of bleeding during first half of pregnancy are: ectopic pregnancy, threatened miscarriage, implantation of pregnancy, infection, polyps etc.  Sometimes sexual intercourse , or post obstetrician’s examination there may be slight bleeding.

Some causes of vaginal bleeding during later part of pregnancy could be show associated with cervical insufficiency or actually may signal start of labour, placenta previa, polyps and inflammation  infection etc.

Placenta previa is an important thing to diagnose and be aware of. It means that placenta is low lying in the uterus and partly or completely covers the cervix. If one has been diagnosed with this condition, a finger examination (or also called digital examination) that touches the cervix should be avoided by the obstetrician.

As part of her clinical practice, Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu, gynecologist obstetrician at Delhi, has catered to large number of high risk pregnant ladies, who  presented in emergency with vaginal bleeding or spotting during pregnancy, with a succesful mother and baby delivery.

If you have spotting during pregnancy,  we try to find a cause, and accordingly treat it.