High Risk Pregnancy

Facing pregnancy with complications ?

For any pregnancy – Dr. Meenakshi tells her patients  that every child inside the womb…they are all precious. So, while we do give the desired attention and the best possible medical care from our side, however there are certain medical conditions where there is a need for more stringent medical monitoring of pregnancy. In other words, we say that some conditions can put an added risk to mother and baby, and thus the pregnancy has its high risks involved.

Dr. Sahu and her team has been taking care of many infertile patients and by her medical care - infertility treatment at Delhi, has given chance to so many national and international couples to have babies. She provides that extra attention to all pregnant women who conceived using IVF, ICSI. All women who conceived after assisted reproductive technologies, such as test tube, invariably need an extra attention and care throughout their pregnancy.

Other special conditions where her expertise comes to the rescue of patients, in the form of strictingent monitoring  of pregnancy, mother and child health are:

  • Liver disease in pregnancy , Hepatitis during pregnancy
  • Thyroid disease in pregnancy
  • Diabetes in pregnancy
  • Bleeding during pregnancy
  • Cervical incompetence
  • Low lying placenta

For multiple risks during different trimester, read our section on high risk pregnancy.