Vaginal Health

Welcome to Delhi Gyne. We run the concept of vagina care at Delhi. Our team of gynecology are well trained in the field to provide medical therapy to wide range of vagina disease.

What is vagina ? What is function of vagina ?

Vagina is an elastic canal that connects uterus to the outside world. It is an important tract to facilitate childbirth. During childbirth the vaginal wall stretches many times of its natural size.
Vagina also plays a very important part in female sexual function. During sexual arousal the vagina walls lubricate to help reduce friction during natural penetration process. The outer part of vagina contain concentration of nerve endings to provide pleasure sensations during the process of intercourse. With support from pelvic muscles, the elastic walls of vagina contract to accommodate male sexual organ, thereby contributing to rhythmic contractions of vaginal muscular tone leading to both male and female sexual pleasure, ejaculation and orgasm.

What are the different disease that may affect vagina ?

There are many symptoms related to vaginal health. Some of them are – vaginal pain, vulva pain, dyspareunia (pain during sex), vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding, lax vagina etc.

Vaginal Pain

Pain in vagina is a common problem that impact many patients. We have seen many patients where the quality of life is affected due to vaginal pain. The most common situation where vaginal pain is of excruciationg or very sharp nature is during sexual activity.

There are different symptoms that vary from individual to individual. Some may describe things like, burning or stabbing pain down below, something like a feeling of constant rubbing below, sitting over a hard ball below etc.

Some of the few reasons of patients coming with vaginal pain at Delhi, at our clinics are: infection, sexually transmitted diseases, vaginitis, vaginal dryness, endometriosis, hormonal changes caused by menopause, genital injury after intercourse etc.


Dyspareunia is a term that means painful intercourse. One of the important cause of such pain is vaginismus which is involuntary excessive contraction of vagina that does not allow adequate smooth penetration.

Some of the causes that we have found for patients seeking advise for correction of dyspareunia or vaginal pain during intercouse at Delhi are: pelvic inflammatory disease, collections around the pelvis due to infection, endometriosis, scars that may have formed after past infection or past surgery, vaginal dryness or infection etc.

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge can sometimes be very abnormal and emotionally disturbing for patients. Few that we diagnose for patients coming with abnormal vaginal dischage at Delhi, are: infection not responding to antibiotics, after any short course of antibiotics that some one took for any other reason, pelvic infection , sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, menopause, reaction to soap or any other product that was in vagina etc.

Dr. Sahu’s treatment method and medicine protocol for vaginal discharge is will depend on the cause that is found. Many a times, she is sad to see that the patient’s sexual partners are not adequately treated which is then the cause of recurrent and persistent vaginal discharge. She stresses upon the fact that in some cases treatment of not just patient but both are partners are justified.

Vagina bleeding

Abnormal vaginal bleeding ? Dr. Sahu recommends not to take it lightly as many a times it is a symptom of an internal disease. For patients coming with vaginal bleeding at Delhi, Dr. Sahu has diagnosed a variety of causes that of abnormal vaginal bleeding in her patients. Since vagina is the tract connecting the internal female reproductive structures to outside world, any problem in the uterus, cervix or vagina can lead to abnormal vaginal bleeding. Some specific causes that she has found are: fibroids, adenoma in uterus, trauma infection or cancer around cervix or vagina etc.

Lax vagina

Some childbirth process may lead to damage of pelvic floor muscle that support vagina. These can lead to increase in diameter of vagina, thereby causing what some call as loose vagina, lax vagina, with inability to contract during sexual contact. Read the vaginal tightening section, as one of our surgical expertise services to understand on merits and demerits of vagina tightening surgery at Delhi.