Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

At Delhi, we provide medical treatment of Pelvic inflammatory disease, or also called as PID.

What is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID ?

Pelvic inflammatory disease means there is an infection around the reproductive tract that may be infection at uterus, tubes and ovary. PID refers to infection around upper female genital tract structures.

How does PID happen ?

PID most commonly happens by catching an infection. This infection most commonly happens due to sexually transmitted agent. The main risk factors for PID is having unprotected sex, contact with multiple partners. Using a latex condom helps towards lowering the risk of PID.

What are the symptoms of PID ?

PID can cause pain in lower abdomen, fever, vagina discharge, pain during gynecology pelvic examination. PID can also be one of the cause of infertility and uable to conceive, unable to have a baby. PID can cause scars to occur around your fallopian tubes, and thus can cause infertility.

PID treatment at Delhi Gyne ?

While many are treated with an antibiotic for PID, our approach towards PID is just not treating the infection, but also to evaluate as to why were you so different to catch an infection ? what made your immunity or general health to go down so as to catch an infection and cause the pelvic inflammatory disease. It is also important to understand that your sex partner also may need a treatment, as they can infect you again and may cause repeated and recurrent PID.