Ovary Cyst

Dr. Meenakshi one of the best Gynecologist at Delhi, routinely cares for many patients who come for consultation or surgery for their ovary cyst. Some may require simple medical treatment and some may require surgery for their ovary cyst.

What are ovary cyst / ovarian cysts ?

Ovary cysts are fluid filled sacs that form inside or on the ovary. They can occur across all ages. In some it may be symptomatic and in some it is just an incidental finding while going through imaging procedures such as ultrasound.

Are ovarian cyst cancerous ?

Fortunately majority of ovarian cyst are non cancerous (benign). You must consult your gynecologist well to understand the probability of it being benign or cancerous. There are many aspects of the cyst that are taken into consideration before one diagnoses it as benign or cancerous.

What are symptoms of ovrian cyst ?

Symptoms of ovarian cyst can vary from individual to individual. It may cause no symptoms or one of the following symptoms:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Unusual hair growth on face (If so you may be asked to consult a qualified endocrinologist)

What are treatment of ovarian cyst at Delhi ?

In many women ovarian cyst disappears without treatement. Sometimes all we do is a very careful follow up of the size of the cyst.
Sometimes we use hormonal therapy to shrink the size of the cyst.
In few situation there may be a need to perform surgery.

What kind of surgery for ovarian cyst at Delhi is being done by us ? Ovary cyst surgery at Delhi ?

We generally conduct laparoscopic route for removal of the cyst. Depending on age of patient, marital and family completion status, and size of cyst, we will discuss with you on the operative nature and whether we will be doing only a cyst removal or removal of one or both ovary along with cyst.

Laparoscopic Surgery for ovary cyst at Delhi

In the procedure of surgery for ovarian cyst at Delhi, we typically do it by laparoscopic route. A small incision will be made below the navel through which we put the laparoscope to view the abdominal cavity and precisely locate the cyst. With the help of surgical instruments inserted via another small incision we then take out the cyst and send it for further testing. Usually the surgery lasts for an hour. IF all is well, we discharge patients the next day.

Risks of surgery for ovarian cyst ?

For our expertise in any kind of laparoscopic surgeries, while we minimize the operative risks, however we inform on general and specific risks of any surgeries. Apart from the usual risks related to any surgery or anesthesia, there are specific risks to be aware of such as

  • Scar tissues may form at the surgical site
  • Bowel or bladder may be damaged due to instrumentation
  • Infection may develop
  • Ovary cysts may recur (once again form) despite the removal