Cancer Care

At DelhiGyne, where we have the right combination of  good surgical gynecologist hands, medical and surgeon experts, and medical oncologists where required, you can be assured of thorough comprehensive medical treatment of cervical cancer at Delhi.

If you have been detected with cervical cancer or cancer of ovary or uterus cancer and whether you need a second opinion, or the medical or surgery treatment for  such cancer at Delhi, we will be eager to understand your medical history and help you take decisions.

A notification of “cancer” word can be scary. We understand the multiple confusing thoughts that you may be going through towards understanding the disease and its management.

Under expertise of Dr. Sahu and her team of experts who has handled cases with cancers of female reproductive organ while catering to both rural and urban population, you can be rest assured for a thorough medical guidance of management of cervical, uterine, or ovarian cancer and answers to your various questions.

We will be eager to help you in managing the cancer, and lead a normal life.