Abortion By Pills

Sometimes for unavoidable social, or medical reasons there are couples who may have a need for chosing abortion as their only option. In such cases, options are medical or surgical abortion which in turn depends on various factors. If the pregnancy is less than 49 days ( 7 weeks), we suggest medical abortion by pills as one of the preferred method for ladies seeking abortion at Delhi.

What is an abortion pill ?

With advances of medicine there are certain tablets or oral pills that can be used to cause medical abortion with appropriate indications. The abotion pill is an effective method and has been used in India for past many years. The medicine is Mifepristone which is given as the first dose, followed by misoprostol. Both the medicines are to be taken under supervision of doctor.

Is it safe to take abortion pills without meeting a Doctor ?

One of the common question that some patients ask Dr. Sahu and her team at Delhi, over telephone is to know a quick regimen for medical abortion. This is seriously unsafe, and we discourage any telephonic consultation regarding abortion without any clinical assesment. Some of the contraindications for early medical abortion by pills are : ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy in your tubes), bleeding issues, people on steroid hormone therapy, inability to understand and cope with clinical side effect profile of using abortion pills. Also if you have an Intrauterine contraceptive device, it will need to be removed before considering abortion tables.

What are the side effects of using abortion pills ?

While medical abortion is succesful in more than 90 % cases, you should be aware on some of the side effects of using abortion tablets. Cramps around abdomen, abdominal discomfort, excessive bleeding may occur in some. If an ectopic pregnancy is not recognized and treated with abortion pills, sometimes it can lead to serious complications. Other complications include hemorrhage, incomplete abortion that needs surgical drainage.

What monitoring is needed after taking abortion medicine ?

Since abortion pills cause birth defects if the pregnancy is continued, there is a need to confirm efficacy of the medicine. Thus you may be asked by us to go through repeat pregnancy test, pelvic examination and ultrasound.

What options of abortion at Delhi after 7 weeks?

If your pregnancy is beyond 7 weeks (which is considered a safe limit for using abortion medicine), we will discuss with you on various options. Options may include medicine - knowing its usefulness- risk and benefits, and where needed D&C, Dilatation & Curretage. Such surgical options for abortion can be conducted during first trimester of pregnancy, upto 14 weeks of pregnancy. We generally suggest for surgical options in pregnancy beyond 7-9 weeks.