Surrogacy in India, has come as a boon for many mother  who can not carry the baby in their own womb due to medical ailment reasons.

Certain indications where we suggest surrogacy is where there is poor functioning uterus that may have led to repeated IVF failure in the past,  or any medical conditions that is expected to lead to serious pregnancy related condition to the mother.

The surrogacy program , takes care of Indian laws, and is of highest international ethical standards. We follow a strict privacy rule. Our team of health care provider, gynecologist, psychologist, lawyers are involved in the health care program towards a safe medical journey for the surrogate, with succesful pregnancy outcome. 

From August 2016, as per the new surrogacy bill at India, commercial surrogacy is banned . Our team abides by the various criteria on surrogacy, as laid down by the new surrogacy regulation law (2016)