Natural Conception

Welcome to Delhi Gyne, one of the best centers for infertility treatment  at Delhi.

Dr. Meenakshi Sahu, Gynaecologist at Delhi, is one of the well known best fertility expert. She tells that many patients need just some medical therapy by which many actually naturally get pregnant. Sometimes all it needs is a thorough medical evaluation which may be able to point out a simple cause that could have prevented you in getting naturally pregnant.

We encoureage many natural steps that assist towards natural conception, such as eating right, quit smoking & drinking, yoga for fertility , education about your natural cycle and your fertility period, natural ways to increase sperm count etc.

Just remember, Never Loose heart..! IVF is not the only answer, people do get naturally pregnant after years of failed attempt, nature heals and nature cures. Needs some patience and the right understanding of your body..!