Myths Of Infertility

Despite so much of  information, there are still lots of myths and facts about infertility.

Myth 1:

Myth: Male infertility is rare. Male causes of infertility are worked up after all work up for female infertility

Fact: As causes of infetility, in 35 percent of cases it could be related to male factors. By the way, that does not mean the problem in ladies is in the rest. In upto 30 % of cases sometimes there is no male or female factor clearly responsible. So male factor infertility has to be taken seriously, and work up should simultaneously begin.

Myth 2:

Myth: All infertile couples will need IVF and thus are costly therapy

Fact: It is of great surprise to many that actually at our center majority do not need the actual test tube baby (in vitro fertilization) ! So many … yes so many just need a bit of right guidance for naturally conceiving. So many could just get pregnant by proper modification of some medical illness thay may not have been picked up in the past investigations. So many just conceive and get pregnant after correction of fallopian tubes, by tube opening surgery that we do by laparoscope at Delhi. So many couples , yes many couples may actually get pregnant without IVF !

Myth 3:

Myth: There is a need of special big set up of hospital to conduct IUI, IVF and thus is costly

Fact: There is a variation of cost depending on set up to place. Both IUI and IVF can be conducted in a low cost setting. The success of IVF and IUI depends more on correction of medical factors (both male and female), timing of IUI, IVF, and the specialization of gynecologist, endocrinologist and embryologist. From our vast experience of conducting IVF in hundreds of patients we have not found any difference in success rates depending on place of the procedure. Thus don’t think that IVF, IUI are costly procedures. Be open enough to ask on the differential rates depending on set up and place. You should choose the set up depending on place where you stay and what is within your finance. That’s our advantage. We are here to hear you,in order to help you..!