Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is the least complex of all procedures of assisted reproductive technologies. In this process, prepared sperm is placed into the uterine cavity via cervix, using a fine catheter.

How is IUI done at Delhi ?

This procedure is performed by Dr. Meenakshi , in an outpatient procedure and in most it does not require any general anesthesia. Our team may also combine small doses of fertility medication to induce ovulation just before the IUI. The development of follicle is monitored by ultrasound (also called follicular monitoring). The most critical aspect that Dr. Sahu believes is to find out precisely when the follice matures and most likely to release the egg to your fallopian tube. The date of doing IUI is thus the most important..!

When the follicle is seen to be matured enough, you may also be administered an injection to induce ovulation after 36 hours. At the time of ovulation, semen collected from your partner or donor, is washed, and is placed into the uterine cavity via a small catheter.

Natural cycle IUI

In this the IUI dates are carefully chosen such that it coincides with your ovulation date in your natural cycle. This date will usually be a mid cycle date, i.e day 10 -16 of your cycle. Please carry your detail history of mensturation cycle with precise dates, as we will be discussing a lot on how to identify the dates for natural conception and natural cycle IUI.

Stimulation cycle IUI

In this technique, you will be given special fertility related medication to induce and increase the chances of your ovulation. These will be in the form of tablets and / or hormone injection.

Whom do we offer IUI therapy

Dr. Meenakshi Sahu and her team, will typically offer this therapy, if they are sure from their diagnostic work up, that your ovary is working well, that your fallopian tubes are working well, that the tubes are able to pick up the egg released from your ovary, and they are anatomically normal. We also use this therapy for couples with psychosexual problem, or men with ejaculatory problems.