Why IVF With Us

Exploring options for IVF clinic, infertility treatment, fertility care, test tube baby, infertility clinic at Delhi, India ?

If you are exploring medical treatment options at India for infertility issues, we welcome you to visit Delhi and have an initial consultation with Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu.

Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu, one of the leading gynaecologist specialist in Infertility treatment at Delhi, with satisfied national and international patients, has managed some of the most complex issues in infertility, including couples who had failed IVF in the past.

Infertility management, in Dr. Sahu’s opinion is not just the fashionable IVF or test tube baby or machines and injections. Many who had succesful fertility treatment  from Dr. Sahu at Delhi, are testimony to the surprising fact that so many couples can be managed with some simple basic gynecology treatment and a holistic approach and care.

Where IVF is indeed needed to create test tube babies, with embryo transfer, Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu, personally takes care to ensure best possible hormonal treatment support, education at each and every step of your treatment, personally perform the ovum egg pick up, personally supervise the embryo development technique, and personally do the embryo transfer at Delhi.

At Delhi Gyne, with our philosophy to provide the best gynecology care at Delhi, you can be assured of best practices and standards of ethics and transparency in IVF treatment.

If you are considering infertility treatment at Delhi India, or a second opinion in infertility at Delhi, or have failed IVF cycle in the past, we welcome you to have the medical - personalized care by Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu.

Why Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu for your infertility treatment ?

Some of the reasons as to why Dr. Meenakshi Sahu has been a sought after gynecologist infertility specialist doctor at Delhi, and is preferred by many patients for infertility treatment at Delhi are:

  • Her ability to customize treatment protocol to every individual’s uniqueness.
  • Adequate time that she provides to each patient. Spending adequate time helps in a team care approach in which YOU are a part to the team work as well !
  • Not rushing on things. Dr. Meenakshi, still believes in taking time and scrutinizing thoroughly the basic medical evaluation and the labs, that helps in taking simple steps to identify the problem or the cause of infertility – both male and female infertility causes . Many a times she has refused doing an IVF, and prefers to first correct an identifiable medical problem, and once corrected then does the IVF to ensure good success rates.
  • All treatment is supervised by her personally. So unlike big hospitals where it may be different nurses or different junior doctors each time, you are assured of a truly personalized care. It is not just about injections, medicines, hormones, sonography monitoring, and instruments and labs. It about the personalized care that she brings in. The hand holding at difficult times, and the elaborate discussion that you have with her to understand what is being done with you, is the uniqueness.
  • Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu, takes up the challenge in accepting to treat many failed IVF cases. She has managed many old patients as well.
  • She believes in taking care of few patients well, rather than doing hundreds of IVF cycles in a month at one go (unlike the big hospitals or IVF only clinics). With this approach of focusing on few IVF cycles every day, it helps in a better connect with the couple undergoing treatment, with a thorough medical supervision. This is in contrast to other IVF specialized clinics who do many IVF cycles in a month. She believes in Quality of patient care rather than quantity of patient care.
  • Personal communication. Remember that your infertility treatment , IVF, Test tube baby at Delhi is a journey. Dr. Sahu encourages and ensures that couples stay in constant touch with her so as to understand what is being done. Your journey does not start and stop at the consulting chamber only. Follow up emails personally catered to by her, telephonic consults with her, with clinic consultation are some of the means to have a constant touch with her… so that you don’t feel lost.
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Who are we ? An IVF clinic or a doctor ?

We are not an IVF clinic. We don’t do IVF as a model for health business. The concept of Delhi Gyne, has been formulated and led by Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu, one of the leading gynecologist at Delhi and an expert in infertility care at India…….this concept has a priority…. And that is YOU !..... Her goal is to lead you to have your own baby !

We take pride in taking care of couples…old and young…. And do what we know the best …. To identify medical issues that has led to infertility, to correct the medical factors, to provide the right dose of hormones for your IVF treatment, to monitor clinical response to IVF hormone treatment, to do egg pick up delicately, to prepare your uterus to carry the baby, and to do the embryo transfer or put the test tube baby into your uterus at the right time.

As part of clinical palce of work, Dr. Sahu provides consultation and performs IVF procedures at South Delhi, Green Park, Safdarjung, Greater Kailash GK-1, GK-2.

Infertility management is an emotionally daunting task for every couple and a financial burden too !. We do our best possible efforts thinking about you, and help customize cost packages for you depending on the place of surgical procedure, IVF, and the medical complexities if any in you. Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu believes in bringing infertility management and care for every couple at affordable prices.

Do we have surrogacy or egg donation services ?

Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu, belives in providing totality of care to all couples. If for medical reasons you need surrogate or egg or sperm donation for succesful pregnancy, she collaborates with surrogacy agency, egg donor agency, to help towards your goal for having your baby. The collaborative work will also assist you to understand the legalities and legal issues ensuring ethical and trasperant practice, in accordance with medical guidelines of India.

If you go through surrogacy or egg donor program, our collaborative agency will help you find and choose the best appropriate donor or the surrogate, while we supervise the medical clinical care part in you, the donor and the surrogate. The entire process will be supervised by team of Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu, at Delhi.

Check our fertility care services to understand the scope of things that we do at Delhi.
For any free second opinion, feel free to write to Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu. She emotionally feels for patients who have been trying hard to have a baby, and thus welcomes letters and emails to help and guide you.