Why Dr. Meenakshi T Sahu

Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu a leading gynecologist and infertility expert attends to many international patients at Delhi every month, who come directly to her for medical treatment. This is of no surprise given her experience, expertise and a patient friendly personalized approach because of which her satisfied patients when they go back refer their friends or relatives  to Dr. Sahu.

If you are exploring medical treatment options at India for gynecology  - surgery  or  infertility issues, we welcome you to visit Delhi and meet Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu.

Delhi Gyne is a visionary group created by Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu, …a vision that is patient centric…and that is to provide a truly personalized medical care with ethical and transperant care at Delhi , India in the field of gynecology and woman health.

Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu is one of the leading gynecologist - fertility expert, and a gynecology laparoscopic surgeon at Delhi. She has been trained at premier institutes of India, has worked with tertiary care government hospitals in past catering to high volume of gynecology surgical care, and has both national and international academic accredition of repute.

We are not a hospital. So why choose us ?

Apart from her surgical expertise, experience and superb national and international accredition, some of the reasons why many iternational patients have chosen Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu,  for fertility treatment, and gynecology surgery as opposed to choosing a hospital are :

  • Personalized Care: The quality of time that she provides in explaining the treatment plan, and thoroughly understand about your medical disease is par excellence.
  • Uniformity in Care: No show-offs, No work delegation in important aspects of patient care, which helps provide a great uniformity in clinical work. Dr. Meenakshi understands about the limitation of time that you may have at India, away from your work and away from your country.  And thus she believes in taking care of all cases with utmost personal supervision- so that you get the best care – and a timely care. Till date all surgery, all procedures related to fertility are done by her. No delegation to any juniors for any important aspects of patien care !. In fact, this is also the major reason as to why our domestic national patients choose Dr. Sahu. It brings in a great uniformity of care.
  • Totality Care: Clinical care in totality. From your query related to your gynecology medical condition, before arrival, to understanding of treatment plan, to the actual treatment, procedure, IVF treatment, along with communication follow up when you get back to your country of residence, is all supervised personally by Dr. Sahu. Our goal is to give the appropriate clinical care. We take pride in ensuring follow up communication as well.
  • Quality of Care: Many patients have told us on a frank note that the major reason of chosing Dr. Sahu for their gynecology care is the level of qualitative involvement as opposed to showcasing quantity of patients lined up at the hospital. This goes with the philosophy of Dr. Sahu, to ensure and maintain a good quality of medical care for gynecology issue.
  • Economically Flexible Care:  Dr. Sahu strongly believes in the fact that just because some one is an international patient, does not mean that cost to patient be hugely different than what a domestic national patient would have paid. Because of our various association of place where do IVF procedures, or perform surgery, each hospital or place has a different economics. Choosing Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu, thus is able to provide an economic flexibility to international patients who come for IVF at Delhi, or for gynecology – laparoscopy surgery at Delhi.

Delhi Gyne is not a Hospital. Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu , founder of the concept of Delhi Gyne, has her own clinic chamber for consultation,  is associated with state of the art corporate big hospitals as well as state of the art medium sized hospitals for performig surgery or IVF procedures. We do not discourage chosing big hospitals, as in fact some of the complex surgeries for rare complex condition is done by team of Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu at big set ups. Each hospital has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you still believe that quality of health care, outcome of infertility management, or surgical care is as per doctor’s level of commitment, interest and involvement,  and not just as per hospital environment,… you are at the right place !

In the words of Dr. Sahu, “ we doctors never came to medical profession primarily for business. Money is the byproduct of our work. What is important is to take care of each patient with an equal devotion ”. It is this devotion and intent mixed with the one of the finest gynecology surgical hand, that has led to a good patient clinical care…. And it is no wonder therefore that Dr. Sahu continues to be chosen by many national and international patients for gynecology – surgery at Delhi or  infertility treatment at Delhi.

Feel free to write to us . Do send us an enquiry if you are considering India, and Delhi for your treatment.
We hope to see you and be a part to your happiness.