International Patients

Welcome to India

Dear Overseas guests, we not only believe in treating you the way we treat with care towards our Indian patients, but we also believe adding a little bit of flavor of Indian philosophy which states "Atithi Devo Bhava". "Atithi"  means "guests" ,  "Devo Bhava" means "God Like". Thus we continue with the philosophy of "Guests are like God", and welcome you to India.

Because of limited duration of stay due to your VISA reasons, we will like to provide our best possible efforts towards your medical treatment within the time frame of your VISA.

Whether you are seeking Fertility treatment at India, that includes IVF at Delhi India, or considering laparoscopic surgery or surgical care options at Delhi India for your gynecology, fertility , uterus cervix  vagina or ovary issues, we hope to help you with our IVF and surgical experience.

Feel free to reach out to us. Go through our FAQs sections. We understand that you have many options for choosing any hospital or doctor at India. We thus thank you for considering us as one of your options towards your medical care.
Whoever and wherever you choose, we wish you all the best.

With the Indian philosophy of "Atithi Devo Bhava", we hope that your stay and choice of India is a pleasant one with successful treatment.
We look forward to hear back from you..!

Best wishes,
Dr. Meenakshi with Team Delhi Gyne


Appointment and Consultation

How do I fx appointment with Doctor ?

It is easy to fix appointment with Dr. Meenakshi Titoria Sahu. You can fill up your details in the online appointment box. Or you can call us between 9.00 hrs to 20.00 hours Indian Standard Time, at our numbers given at our appointment section . Or best is, we encourage you to send us an email to Before your arrival, your appointment will be pre-fixed with Dr. Sahu, to ensure a qualitative time with her so as to ensure a thorough understanding on your medical condition and treatment plan.
All querries related to scheduling of your appointment is handled by our office.

Where is the place of consultation located ?

Dr. Meenakshi T. Sahu is available at Delhi, India for consultation. Her location for consultation is at South Delhi, premier localities that is centrally located at Delhi with good connectivity of Metro or public transport. She is available at Greater Kailash- Part 1, Green Park near hauz Khas, Greater Kailash – Part 2.

Do I need a referral from my local doctor ?

Ideally yes, as it helps us get your family or local doctor’s perspective about your medical condition. But if you don’t have a referral from your local doctor, you can still come to us directly. It is better to provide details of your medical condition via emails before your arrival.



Travel , Stay, & VISA assistance


Do you provide VISA assistance or travel and stay assistance at Delhi ?

We directly do not take care of any of your VISA , travel and stay. We will be happy to connect you with our preferred partners who have satisfactorily assisted our international patients to understand on the VISA processing timelines, formalities, stay and travel. Our partners will help you find the place of stay that fits to your budget and close to our work place.

Is the VISA processing a complex formality ?

It is not complex. It is similar to obtaining VISA for any regular travels. IF your treatment requires frequent visit, it is better to opt for multiple entry VISA, which will require a letter about your medical condition from your country hospital.

My family is coming. Where can they stay ?

We will be happy to connect you with our preferred partners who have satisfactorily assisted our international patients to understand on the stay and travel. Our partners will help you find the place of stay for your family that fits to your budget ranging from 5 star accomodation to budget hotels in close proximity to our clinics. 

What is the cost of gynecology surgery?

Every gynecology surgery that Dr. Sahu performs at Delhi has a different cost that depends on the nature of surgery, your duration of stay at the hospital, your other medical conditions such as diabetes, heart, blood pressure etc. If you are an international patient and keep for unerstanding on costs of surgery, such as – vaginal surgery cost at Delhi, or hymen surgery cost at Delhi, IVF cost at Delhi, Fertility surgery cost at Delhi, hysterectomy cost at Delhi, etc., you may feel free to write to us.

Do I need to pay before coming ?

We leave that to your comfort and covenience. There are some patients who prefer to travel without a lot of currency in pocket and thus prefer to pay us before coming,and some who prefer to pay after arrival. We generally advise international patients to come and pay at India, as sometimes few patients had to reschedule their time of visit to India due to their work, family or country issues.
If you plan to pay before arrival, we will provide you our details for direct wire transfer of money.

I have a health insurance coverage from my country. Can I claim the expense ?

Yes – it depends. Some of the hospitals that we are associated with are recognized by major insurance providers. The insurance coverage is valid for some of the surgeries, and typically only those conditions that need more than two days of admission are recognized by insurance companies. We will help you understand on which hospitals are covered by your insurance company and what formalities are needed from your side related to cashless or claim after discharge from your insurance company.